A thank you to all of our supporters

Posted on July 23, 2012 by William Brockenbrough

We can hardly believe it has been three weeks since we re-opened. Woodson’s Mill has always been a place of community. Even still, we have been stunned by and grateful for the support of the people around us. Our family and extended family have been helped in so many ways: Fitz's knowledge of all things technological, Stuart's beautiful carpentry work and willingness to pitch in at any moment, and to Dee and John, Spencer, Ann and Kay for lending their time and talent to seriously dirty work, press, and anything else we asked. We love Kim's beautiful designs and appreciate her endless patience. And of course the Lowesville community, who are responsible for so much good in our lives. David and Alice, John and Susie, Joe and Robin, Chris and Don, Ted, Wallace, and the rest of the gang helped when they did not have to, were always willing to lend a hand, and we are so glad to have them as neighbors.

We owe a special debt of gratitude to our Miller, Steve Roberts, whose friendship and dedication to Woodson’s Mill has brought new life to us and to this place. Steve and Woodson’s Mill have become practically synonymous, and we are lucky to have him with us. To the next 218 years…

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