Meet The Farmer

Posted on August 05, 2012 by William Brockenbrough

At Woodson’s Mill, we are committed to sourcing only the highest quality local and natural grains, which is why we work with local farmers like Brian Walden. Brian is a graduate of the University of Vermont’s College of Agriculture. He is from Virginia originally, and he couldn’t wait to get back to home to start farming. Today, he lives with his wife and son in Albemarle County, where they are eagerly awaiting their second child.

Brian’s Steadfast Farm is located in Red Hill, Virginia, just south of Charlottesville. In addition to the black beans and cattle he raises, Brian grows a non-GMO variety of hard red winter wheat called “New East” to organic standards, using no chemicals or pesticides. We grind the beautiful, all-natural wheat Brian delivers to Woodson’s Mill on our ca. 1840 water-powered millstones for our Woodson’s Mill All Natural Whole Wheat Flour.

Working with farmers like Brian makes Woodson’s Mill products the best locally grown and ground flour and meals available. When we know exactly where and from whom our grains come, we can guarantee that they are grown under the most favorable conditions and that we place the least strain on the environment to get them here. This also allows us to obtain grains, like buckwheat, that are not otherwise commercially grown in Virginia.

Speaking of buckwheat, we have high hopes that Steadfast Farm will be providing us with fresh, local buckwheat for grinding this fall to make our famous Three Grain Pancake Mix, as well as Buckwheat Flour.

If you know of a local farmer growing grains that would be suitable for grinding at Woodson’s Mill, drop us a line and let us know.  And, please be in touch if there is a grain that you would like to see ground.  We will either add it to our lineup or work on finding a farmer to grow it. 


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