Posted on November 12, 2012 by William Brockenbrough

Oysters are a traditional delicacy enjoyed around the holidays in Virginia, so it’s a good time to think about some good fall fried oysters and hushpuppies. Both can be made with our new Hushpuppy & Batter Mix featuring water-powered, stone-ground cornmeal. To make hushpuppies, just add egg and milk to the mix and deep-fry in hot oil until they are golden brown. You can add chopped jalapeños or whole corn kernels to the batter before frying to spice things up. The mix also works perfectly for oysters, as well as fish or shrimp. Just coat food with the mix and fry away. For a thicker batter, coat your oysters with lightly beaten egg before frying. Add a little pepper or hot sauce for more kick. With the winter holiday season approaching, your options are endless - the best fried oysters and hushpuppies make great hors-devours on Thanksgiving Day, give new life to leftovers, and are perfect for a crowd at a holiday gathering. The best part? They’ll be great all spring and summer too!

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