About our Virginia-grown Grains

Posted on January 19, 2018 by William Brockenbrough

At Woodson’s Mill, we are committed to milling only non-GMO grains grown by local farmers using the best agricultural practices possible – in many cases certified organic.   By working with our growers, we are able to source varieties known for their historic regional presence, character and texture, and superb flavors. We are currently milling:

Hickory King White and Yellow Corn – Developed sometime before 1875 in the Appalachian region of Virginia.   With very tall stalks, can be difficult to grow.  Produces large kernels almost the size of nickel.  Known for its exceptional flavor and smoothness.  Grown for us in Hanover County.  

Bloody Butcher Corn – Originated in Virginia around 1845 with likely earlier origins from Native American corn.  Named for the red kernels that produce red flecks in the milled meal and grits, which were said to resemble a butcher’s apron.  Carries a true corn flavor lost in more modern varieties.  Grown for us in Hanover and Amherst Counties.

Turkey Red Wheat – Brought to the United States by Mennonite immigrants in the 1870’s, a hard wheat known for its excellent flavor and good protein quality.  Grown for us in Hanover and Rockingham Counties.   

Abruzzi Rye – A highly-sought rye with old-world origins, known for its nutty flavor.  Grown for us in Hanover County.  

Buckwheat – Touted by Jefferson and Washington as an excellent cover crop and small grain.  Believed to have been brought to the Americas by Dutch settlers, produced through the 1860's, when wheat flours began to dominate the food culture.  Known for its strong, unique flavor.  Grown for us in Powhatan County.

Woodson’s Mill produces products that are unique and unmatched.  Our historic grains are stone-ground using water-power in a mill dating to 1794.  Today, we produce a product that is nearly identical to those produced in the Mid-Atlantic a century or two ago. 



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