Our philosophy is pretty simple. We believe that great ingredients make great food. We stone-grind our grains slowly in a water-powered mill with nothing else added, which makes them even better. Our flours and meals are all natural and minimally packaged, so please remember to refrigerate or freeze them for storage.

Woodson's Mill is dedicated to providing the same great product to retailers, restaurants and distributors as can be purchased at the mill store.  If you would like to carry Woodson's Mill products, please contact Will Brockenbrough for more information.  

If you are in the Charlottesville, Richmond or Northern Virginia region, our products are distributed through the Local Food Hub


Current offerings 

All Natural Grits  - tasty and healthful, Woodson’s Mill Grits are made from coarsely ground white corn, with a touch of bran. A Southern favorite dish for breakfast with eggs and bacon or sausage, or as a side dish for dinner in place of rice or potatoes 

All Natural White and Yellow Corn Meal – for delicious variety and old-fashioned goodness, try our recipe for Old Virginia Cornbread. Woodson’s Mill cornmeal gives you the right consistency and the incredibly rich taste that comes from slow stone grinding. 

All Natural Whole Wheat Flour – perfect for your favorite bread recipes, Woodson’s Mill Whole Wheat Flour adds depth and flavor to the familiar. 

Three Grain Pancake Mix – Try our special blend of buckwheat, wheat flour, and cornmeal stone ground and mixed in small batches. It’s all you need to be ready for the day.

Hushpuppy & Batter Mix – Our stone-ground cornmeal is the main ingredient in our mix, and it makes the best hushpuppies you have ever eaten. Make them straight up or add your favorite twist. Or, use the mix to cook fresh fish, oysters, or clams. It’s everything you need for a seafood feast. 
Custom Grinds - Have an heirloom or home-grown grain you would like milled? Contact us about custom grinds.